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Regardless of the industry, the safety of personnel is always a high priority, particularly in industries with dangerous working environment such as steel manufacturing, refinery or petrochemical industry.  Monitoring of personnel in such environments is essential to ensure safety. 

During the emergency situation accurate real-time information is critical.  Traditional management systems are unable to cope with this challenge.  They lack the fundamental capability of providing complete visibility.  The manual procedures for people locating are deeply unreliable, time consuming, and prone to human error.

However, the further action can minimize injuries through advancements in technology by using RFID and Identify Locating Solution.


  • Identify Locating Solution is rich of features that facilitate the tracing and monitoring of individuals within a complex or building. 


  • It can provide the real-time visibility into the location and identification of workers allowing for the increase in safety and incident prevention.


  • The evacuation operation can take place more quickly and efficiently.  The solution can automatically locate the personnel within the premise and eliminate the human error of manual head counts. All manual overheads of performing evacuating tasks are reduced significantly


  • With RFID technology, the solution provides reliable, real-time information on the status and progress of an evacuation.


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