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RFID Reader

RFID Reader

Intelleflex muiti-protocol RFID reader provides extended reading capability.  This reader supports both UHF passive (EPC C1G2) and battery-assisted passive RFID tags (GEN3).   It provides several connections including TCP/IP, GPIO and RS232 connections.  Besides, this reader is equibed  with  the built-in web server which provides the reader status reporting, and remote reader configuration.  It also provides we-based tag inventorying, tag memory reading/writing and tag commissioning.

These smart card readers support USB interface for convenient usage.   The readers comply with smart card standards including ISO7816, and EMV 2000.  There are two designs for vertical reading (Omnikey 3121) and horizontal reading (Omnkey 3021).   They are designed for long lasting usage which can support up to 100,000 insertions.


Sony RC-S380 NFC reader is the world’s first RFID reader certified by NFC Forum.  It can communicate with devices that conform to the NFC Forum specifications and various RFID cards including ISO14443 A/B and FeliCa.   Besides, it can communicate with health care devices embedded with NFC Dynamic Tag such as digital weight scale, NFC pedometer or etc.

Tagmaster reader is a verstaile directional RFID reader with the reading distance upto 14 metres.  This reader is built around Linux OS and an open development plateform which facilitate integrators to develop and implement any applications on this reader.  The reader can be configured and controlled via TCP/IP.  In addition, it also supports several interfaces such as RS232, RS485 and Wiegand.   It also has FHSS (Frequency Hopping) mode to enable reader to be able to be used in highly RF intensive areas.

This UHF bluetooth RFID reader is a solution for low cost UHF mobile reader.  It is complied with UHF EPC C1G2 standard.   Besides its compact size, it can achieve 2-3 M reading distance.  This reader uses Bluetooth Class II standard so it can work with the device with either android or window OS.


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