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RFID Consulting Service

Through extensive experience in RFID implementation, Identify also offers RFID consulting service.  Our vision does not focus only on installing RFID readers and RFID tags.  To fully gain benefits from this technology, it is essential to have a depth understanding both the existing process and the fundamental of this technology.  With this understanding, we can design the proper road map for RFID implementation together with ROI analysis being derived from this technology.


Besides operation analysis, our engineer will perform IT analysis.  This analysis will cover the integration service with the existing software application.  This step will allow you to have a seamless program operation.        


Next is the technology analysis.  A site assessment is essential so that the right products, readers and tags, can be employed.  Being partners with most of forefront RFID hardware manufacturers, Identify has no limitation to offer only a specific brand which may be unsuitable for your site.

 After the fully deployment, Identify can assist you to utilize the benefits from data warehouse that is derived from RFID.  RFID will give you the information which formerly cannot be gathered with manual operation.        

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