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Most metal-mount tags are encased in a hard, ruggedized case intended to protect the tags from the metal environment, and separate the RFID chip and antenna from the metals on which they are affixed.  This creates limitation for some applications which need slim tag such as note book tracking. 


Identify offers a new type of UHF metal tag.  This UHF metal tag is flexible enough to be attached to an object even on the curve surface.  Additionally, it can be printed with a standard printer to support visual sign.

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This UHF bluetooth RFID reader is a solution for low cost UHF mobile reader.  It is complied with UHF EPC C1G2 standard.   Besides its compact size, it can achieve 2-3 M reading distance.  This reader uses Bluetooth Class II standard so it can work with the device with either android or window OS.


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This UHF tag can deliver the exceptional performance on metal surface in harsh environment.   This tag can handle temperature 180C for 400 hours and obtain UL94 HB rating.  Besides, heat resistance, it is highly water proof (IP68) and can tolerate to fuel, oils, salt water and UV (ISO4892-2).

It also offers robust reading performance.   This tag can easily achieve 4M with stationary RFID reader.

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This tag is designed for metal and outdoor environment. The rugged, shock and impact resistant housing is a truly waterproof and provides high resistance to aggressive liquids. Easily mounting with the standard M5 screws or welding. The tag has 3D antenna which delivered a great reading performance.


It is well-suited for all application in asset tracking including pallets, containers tracking, metallic kegs, and gas container.


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